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This site has Information which defies logic, contains Bizzare and odd occurances around the world. 

Facts on food, recipes and strange but true facts.




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Date: 18/01/2011

By: Racheli287

Subject: strange facts

strange facts was Good;like to c more on that terms

Date: 15/01/2011

By: cateyes86

Subject: Kool

U Hve shown one of duh best songs <<< Leann rymes >> rocks ***** nice concept wth duh 2d map

Date: 15/01/2011

By: Lina

Subject: county music

nice!!!!!!! can you give some outline information on music as well.

Date: 15/01/2011

By: Samuel

Subject: technolog

need some info on technology as well, othrwise kp it up

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