Everyday we eat on food produced from plants that carry deadly poisons unknowingly.

Most of the time we don’t need to be concerned , but from time to time people accidentally kill themselves by unwittingly eating the wrong part in a larger quantity




Though really seeds and not nuts , cashews grow inside of a shell - like structure that grows on a fruit.

When buying “ raw cashews ” in the store , take note that these nuts have actually been steamed and are not entirely raw. This is because raw cashews contain urushiol , which is the same chemical that you’d find in poison ivy.

If a high level of urushiol is ingested , it can be deadly. Cashew poisoning is rare.





You have probably eaten a chili or two in your life. No matter if it was an extremely hot one , or one that was pretty mild, every chili you have ever consumed has contained a chemical called capsaicin.

In chilies, capsaicin is what makes them spicy and “ hot ” Of course one chili won’t hurt , but if you eat enough of them , capsaicin can kill you.

The chemical is so strong that it is used as a paint stripper , and it is even used in pepper spray used by police forces.





One thing you may not have heard of is that potatoes are toxic. The stem and leaves of the plant are toxic , and even the potato itself is toxic.

If you’ve ever looked at a potato , you may have realized that some turn a greenish color.

This is due to levels of glycoalkaloid poison. In the past, there have been deaths due to potato poisoning. It is rare , but most happen due to someone drinking potato leaf tea , or eating green potatoes.

Death doesn’t come suddenly. It usually results in weakness and then a coma.





are extremely popular in kitchens around the world.

Much like cashews , almonds are extremely poisonous if not introduced to some sort of heat source.

It is generally the bitter almonds that need to be treated to get rid of the poison.

The seeds are full of cyanide , and in many countries are illegal to sell without having been processed in order to get rid of the poison within the seed.





Cherries are definitely one of the most versatile fruits. You can eat them raw , cook them , bake them ,Cherries can even be used in certain types of liquor.

cherries are toxic.

If you’ve ever eaten a cherry and without thought chewed on the pip or left it in your mouth , you more than likely introduced hydrogen cyanide into your body.

Symptoms of mild poisoning include headache , dizziness , confusion , anxiety , and vomiting

Larger doses can lead to difficulty breathing , increased blood pressure and heart rate , and kidney failure.

Reactions can include coma , convulsions , and death from respiratory arrest.




Apples are definitely a popular fruit no matter where you go.

Apples contain cyanide , but not in high levels.

The fruit itself does not contain the chemical , but you will find cyanide in the apple’s seeds. Eating all of the seeds in one apple won’t kill you , but it’s definitely not recommended.

Of course , if enough apple seeds are eaten , this means chewed and swallowed , it can result in complications.





Despite the extreme popularity of tomatoes and many countries , it is true that they are poisonous.

Though the fruit itself doesn’t contain poison , the stem as well as the leaves contain a chemical known as glycoalkaloid.

This chemical is known to cause upset stomachs and nervousness. The leaves and stem can be used in cooking for flavor , but must be removed before eating.

This chemical is so powerful that it is actually used as a way to control pests.






stands to be the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world. Though you won’t find pufferfish in the U.S , many in Korea , Japan and other parts of the world , find the fish to be delicacy.

However , certain organs of the fish , such as the liver , as extremely toxic , and can be deadly.

The poison in the fish , known as tetrodotoxin , can cause numbness , high blood pressure , and muscle paralysis , which is what leads to death as the diaphragm muscles become paralyzed , disabling breathing.