World's Most Scariest Roads


North Yungas Road , Bolivia

also known as “ Road of Death ”—  stretches for some 40 mountain-hugging miles, as narrow as 10 feet in spots and with 1,000-foot drops straight to a rainforest below.







Guoliang Tunnel Road , China

In 1972, villagers in a remote area of the Taihang Mountains chiseled a 3/4-mile-long tunnel through a mountain for access to the outside world. Today, the route 15 feet high and 12 feet wide is a tight squeeze for vehicles, twisting past the tunnel’s 30 “ windows ” , which provide views off the precipice to a tumbling abyss hundreds of feet below.






Halsema Highway, Philippines

Landslides are a hazard on the Halsema Highway, where big stones and debris tumble from peaks. And along with the cloud forests comes mist that can ruin visibility.

Tracing a circuitous path, this road crosses the massive Cordillera Central mountain range on the Island of Luzon, and many sections remain unpaved.






Karakoram Highway , Pakistan to China

The highest paved road on the planet , the Karakoram Highway winds through the mountains at an altitude above 16,000, eventually connecting to China.

Drivers can easily suffer altitude sickness on the 800-mile highway,




Kolyma Highway , Russia

This 1,200-mile route , is nicknamed the " Road of Bones "

Constructed in the Stalin era, the Road of Bones gets its name from labor camp inmates and other workers who died during construction, some of whom are buried beneath or near the road.

This wilderness route runs past some of the coldest inhabited places on earth.