Unusual Facts on New Zealand


* New Zealand was the first democracy in the West that gave women the right to vote.


* Dunedin city of New Zealand boast of housing the country’s  oldest  university,  first newspaper 

and  first  botanical  gardens


* No part of New Zealand is more than  128 km  from the sea.


* More fresh water gushes up from cracks in the limestone at Waikoropupu, near Takaka, Nelson

province, than from any freshwater spring anywhere in the world. Over 2,100 million litres of water

gush up every 24 hours.


* Less than  5%  of the population of New Zealand is human -  the rest are animals, giving one of the

highest ratios of humans to animals in the world.


* New Zealand has more  Bookshops  per head of population than any other country; one for every 7,500 people 

(compared with one for every 19,000 in England and one for every 50,000 in the USA).


* The indigenous Maori name of New Zealand is ‘New Zealand Aotearoa’. Translated into English, it

means ‘New Zealand, The Land of the Long White Cloud’.


* New Zealand has one of the highest car ownership rates in the world, with 2.5 million cars for 4 million people.


* The share of New Zealand in the world export of sheep meat is around  54 %


* New Zealand invented bungee jumping.


* 24%  of New Zealand families have only one parent.


* New Zealanders make only about  2%  of their journeys by bus and fewer than  1%  by rail


* Unlike the human population, the majority of New Zealand's sheep are based on the South Island,

where there are more than 20 sheep for every human!