Lodz , Tuwima Street ( Poland )





Tremont St Mall ( Boston )

Tremont Street is not as straight as it once was.  Trees obscure the view to Park St Church.




Lodz Town Hall entrance ( Poland )




Baldwin Street ( England )

Some of the distant buildings still exist, as does the block on the right. Otherwise much has disappeared, including the imposing Swiss Restaurant on the immediate left. A tram is visible in the centre of the old view, and at least ten people are standing watching the photographer at work.




Lodz, Legion A w st ( Poland )





Sandy Park Road , Brislington ( England )

A very recognisable view, with little change in its overall appearance. Interesting railings in the foreground of the early shot. Trees continue to thrive at the top of the road in the distance, and most of the chimney pots are still in place.




East Street , Bedminster ( Bristol )





Corn Street ( Bristol )

This part of the city is remarkably unchanged.
The building that occupies most of the picture is the Old Council House of 1827 which now serves as the Citys Register Office.

A new storey has been added to the top. The imposing statue on the parapet represents Justice.