Pan - American Highway ( Longest Road )

is a network of roads measuring about 47,958 kilometers ( 29,800 miles ) in total length.

extends from Prudhoe Bay , Alaska , in North America to the lower reaches of South America.








Trans - Siberian Railway ( Longest Railway )

is a network of railways connecting Moscow with the Russian Far East and the Sea of Japan. It is the longest railway in the world






Cox's Bazar ( Longest Beach )

is the world's longest natural sandy sea beach. It is an unbroken 125 km sandy sea beach with a gentle slope. It is located 150 km south of Chittagong , Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar is also known by the name " Panowa ", the literal translation of which means " yellow flower "









Siberian Taiga ( Longest Forest )

is the world's largest forest stretching 5,700 kilometers from west to east and 1,000 kilometers from north to south through northern Russia, Norway , Finland and Sweden , covering some 2.7 billion acres.





Lake Tanganyika ( Longest lake )

 goes between Congo and Tanzania and has a length of 676 KM ( 420 Miles )
It is also thought to be the second deepest and second oldest lake. It's depth reaches 4,710 feet.








Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada ( Longest Covered Bridge )

stroll on down to the St. John River and if enclosed spaces don't bother you then take the 1,282 foot stroll on the world's longest covered bridge , or if you're lazy , you can also drive across the bridge.

The Hartland Covered Bridge spans the St. John River from Hartland to Somerville and was constructed by the Hartland Bridge Company and officially opened on July 04, 1901.







Nile ( Longest River )

regarded as the longest river in the world. It is 6,650 km ( 4,130 miles ) long.
The Nile has two major tributaries, the White Nile and Blue Nile.

The latter is the source of most of the water and fertile soil. The former is the longer. The White Nile rises in the Great Lakes region of central Africa, with the most distant source in southern Rwanda