Most Remote In The World



Mataveri International Airport ( Most Remote Airport )

is located at Hanga Roa on Rapa Nui ( Easter Island ) . he most remote airport in the world , Mataveri International Airport is 3,759 kilometres ( 2,336 miles ) from Santiago, Chile

The runway starts just inland from the island's southeast coast at Mataveri and nearly reaches the northwest coast , almost separating the mountain of Rano Kau from the rest of the island.

The airport is the main point of entry for thousands of tourists who come to Easter Island to see its famous Moai statues.







Tristan da Cunha Island ( Most Remote Island )

The most remote inhabited island in the world , It is a daunting six - day cruise from Cape Town , South Africa and is located approximately 1,350 miles from its nearest neighbor , Saint Helena. Located smack in the middle of nowhere.











Ittoqqortoormiit , Greenland ( Most Remote Village )

ttoqqortoormiit , a small fishing and hunting village located on the island’s eastern shore , to the north of Iceland.

The town is part of a municipal district roughly the size of England , but it has a population of only slightly more than 500 people , meaning that each person technically has more than 150 square miles to call their own. Residents make their living off of hunting polar bears and whales.

There is an airport some 25 miles away , but flights are rare.


For the most part, the town, one of the northernmost settlements in the world , is completely isolated in the vastness of the tundra.












Andean Cottage , Suasi Island Hotel , Peru  ( Most Remote Hotel )

It is Peru's only solar powered hotel. Situated 12,500 feet above sea level and surrounded by the waters of Lake Titicaca , the property is accessible by a 4 hour speedboat trip across the lake.

The two - bedroom cottage is built entirely out of traditional materials including stone , wood and totora reed , and it includes a bathroom , living room and kitchenette. Furthering the indulgence level are private butler service and a pier for soaking in the lake views.









Luskentyre Beach ( Most Remote Beach )
Isle of Harris , Scotland

The white sandy bays of the west coast must come close to the top. They contrast with the narrow rocky bays on the east and on a warm sunny day can compete with beaches anywhere in the world.

But the island's far flung location means few mainlanders haul their buckets and spades up there.