The Pinta Island tortoise

Living in Pinta island , this tortoise are include into Giant Galapagos Turtoise species ,

which is the most rare in the world , because now only left  1  in the world.



Baiji ( Yangtze River Dolphin )


Only left 10 of this animal in the world , and this animal only exist in Yangtze River.



The Vancouver Island Marmot


Living in Vancouver island , in British Columbia , now 194 are left in the wild.



Seychelles Sheath - tailed Bat


Living in Madagascar , now there are not more than 100 in this world.



Hispid Hare


Also Called as " Bristly Rabbit ” that can be found in Himalaya , Nepal , Bengal and Assam , now only left  110  hispid hare in this world



Northern Hairy - nosed Wombat


you can find it in New South Wales and Victoria in Australia ,

but unfortunately now you only can see this animal on National Park near Epping Forest Station in Queensland as only left  113  are left





This dog is considered a national treasure in the Netherlands. This dog is both a pointer and retriever , and is used as a gundog today.

The Dutch Dog Registry carefully monitors breeding of this rare treasure, and there are only 100 dogs.






This rare dog is the direct descendent of one famous sled dog, named Chinook. After the breed founder ’s death in 1963, this breed went into rapid decline and looked as if it would be lost forever.

A dedicated group of dog lovers found the remaining 11 breedable dogs in 1981 and worked diligently to restore this breed. Today’s Chinook is primarily a housedog.



 Iberian lynx ( Cat )


It is the most endangered cat species in the world , found in Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe.

Around  50  are to be present in the wild according to a report in 2009 - 2010.




Bois Dentelle ( Most Rarest Tree )


This beautiful , delicate tree is exceedingly rare , there are only  2  Bois dentelle trees that remain in existence.

The pair is located in the cloud forest of Mauritius.







Baseball Plant ( Most Rarest Plant )


This incredibly popular house plant is virtually extinct in the wild due to habitat destruction and the botanical equivalent of poaching.

Its sap is poisonous , but it does make an attractive yard ornament.


Middlemist's red camellia ( Most rarest Flower )


exists in only  2  known locations , a greenhouse in the UK , and a garden in New Zealand.






Ghost Orchid ( Most Rarest Orchid )


This is the rarest and most mysterious orchid in the world.

Now, a specimen has been discovered growing high in an old cypress tree in Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples ( southwest Florida ).

As the roots of this orchid blend so well with the tree , the flower often seems like it is floating in mid air , one reason for naming it " Ghost Orchid "



The Orange - bellied Parrot ( Most Rarest Bird )

is found in southern Australia , With a population of fewer than 50 wild birds , it is regarded as a critically endangered species.


Lord Howe stick insect ( Most Rarest Insect )

is found only in a towering 2,000 foot island  named Ball's Pyramid , that shoots up from the waters of the Pacific Ocean, essentially bare, desolate and isolated. 

Except that it is home to what might be the most endangered insect on the planet.

Since their rediscovery scientists have brought sample populations back to shore in order to breed them in captivity , As there are only approx  13  left.




Alabama Cave fish  ( Most Rarest Fish )


Lives in underground pools in Key Cave, located in northwestern Alabama on the Key Cave National Wildlife Refuge.

This is the only known location of the fish, less than  100  are left.





Antiguan Racer ( Most Rarest Snake )

is a harmless rear - fanged grey-brown snake found only on Great Bird Island off the coast of Antigua, a small Caribbean island , thus colloquially named the " Antigua Racer Snake ".

Approx less than 500 survive in the wild.