Most Popular / Gross Foods  Across the World


Kopi Luwak

are coffee beans that come from Civet ( a cat sized mamal ) poo .

The animals gorge on only the finest the ripe berries, and excrete the partially - digested beans, which are then harvested for sale.

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world , selling for around $ 600 USD per pound ( Approx 28,000  / - )






Bird Spit ( Bird Nest Soup )


The nests produced are by a variety of Swifts, specifically Cave Swifts who produce the nest by spitting a chemical compound that hardens in the air.

The nests are considered a delicacy across the world , It is also one of the most expensive foods consumed.

A single soup serving would cost around $ 100 USD ( Approx 4800 /- ) and a kilo would cost around $ 2000 ( Approx 96,000 / - )





Caterpilla Fungus


is a species of parasitic fungus that grows on insect larvae. The fungus invades the body of the Thitarodes caterpillars, eventually killing and mummifying it.

It is regarded as a healthy food , which cures from fatigue to cancer.





Monkey brain

is a controversial yet popular foodstuff around the world , Due to this in many places, over hunting of the monkeys is done.






is a boiled fertilized egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell

It is a delicacy and the eggs are savored for their balance of textures and flavors.




It is considered as a fast food in most parts of the world and actually it has been proved to be one of the most healthiest and nutritous food.

It protect the human body against the harmful effects of radiation;
and suppress the growth of cancer cells.

And also prevents the development of myocardial infarction and stroke by boosting.








Tiet canh

This might look like a messy serving of tomato sauce , but it’s far more nauseating than that – Tiet canh is a traditional Vietnamese dish of blood. Made from raw duck blood.

Tiet canh is garnished with chopped duck innards , sprinkled with chopped peanuts , coriander , mint , a splash of lime , then served in a shallow bowl. Before this lovely dish can be consumed , it must be placed in the refrigerator to allow the blood to properly coagulate.





Casu Marzu

is a delicacy made from sheep’s milk , and can be translated literally from Sardinian as  “ rotten cheese ” We feel that’s a bit of an understatement , because not only is the cheese spoiled , but it’s riddled with maggots — on purpose






Dried lizards

found in markets  for soup  , eaten in Japan






Mopane caterpillars

is a delicacy eaten in Botswana , Africa







Raw / Live Octopus

 is a popular delicacy in Korea china and Japan. The enjoyment of eating this food is when the octopus is still moving with the tentacles sticking to the roof of the mouth.

The challenge is to munch and swallow the live octopus without choking. It is reported that there are on average of 6 deaths due to choking  , each year.






Horseshoe Crab Roe & Nast

is mostly eaten in China as a delicacy.





Tuna Eyeball

is mostly eaten in Japan and China






Eating cooked buttery snails , a French cuisine delight or a creepy slimy nightmare ? Steamed snails prepared with butter and garlic are a simple appetizer you can find served in a number of fine restaurants throughout the US and Europe.


Insect Sushi

 is sort of the latest thing in Japan - its high in protein , rather inexpensive, and supposedly tasty. A few grub worms , some lightly fried crickets , a centipede of sorts all lay delicately on a bed of sushi. Not as scary as eating them on a skewer perhaps , but still not sure I could do it.



Cooked Huhu Grubs

Huhu grubs are the larvae of huhu beatles and are pretty large.

A traditional Maori food in New Zealand , these grubs are usually cooked and eaten as a snack. Apparently they either taste like peanut butter or chicken … go figure.