Most  Hottest  Coldest   Wettest   and   Driest   Places


Dalol , Denakil Depression , Ethiopia ( Hottest Place )

The annual average temperature ( 93.2°F , 34°C )

It is an extraordinary colorful landscape for real adventures. Another wonderful event is the salt extraction from the nearby lake Asale.







Plateau Station , Antarctica ( coldest place )

is an inactive American research and Queen Maud Land traverse support base on the central Antarctic Plateau and its annual average temperature ( - 56.7°C ) .








Mawsynram, Assam, India ( Wettest place )


is a small village in the Khasi Hills about 56 kilometers from Shillong.

 It has an annual average rainfall ( 11,873 mm, 467.4" ) .






Atacama Desert , Chile ( Driest Place )

is one of the few deserts on Earth that doesn't receive any rain. It is a plateau in South America , covering a 600 mile ( 1,000 km ) strip of land on the Pacific coast of South America , west of the Andes mountains

The average rainfall in the Chilean region is just 1 millimetre ( 0.04 in ) per year.