Most  Gross Things  found   At  Home




Ever heard of  Book lice ?

They live in paper, but they're not particular , they'll take flour , grain or cardboard if that's all you got.

Also known as psocids , the small, colorless insects feed on the mold and mildew that grow on books.

Relax, they don't bite humans.






Did you know that you shed as many as 1.5 million skin flakes every hour?
And do you know what really like skin flakes ? Dust mites.

That's right , the disgusting , dead skin eating, allergen causing bugs are all over your bedding.

Thinking that you'd better go home and wash your sheets , like , NOW ? Well , Be careful  you might want to leave out your underwear.

The washing machine itself can be a source of the above mentioned fecal bacteria ( from underwear and towels ) and those germs can and will survive detergent , cold water and a dryer's heat .

To be safe , you can bleach the hell out of everything , scald it in hot water , dry it in the UV-rich rays of the sun and wash your underwear separately from your sheets and towels





The reason ? That foul beast living next door to your toothbrush. That's right , it's your toilet.

If you don't close the lid when you flush , you can actually aerosolize all the filth ( including fecal bacteria ) that lurk in the ceramic monster.

And a toothbrush , with it's moist , bacteria friendly environment and plenty of microbe - ready hiding spots in between its bristles , might be the home of a bacterium's dreams.





Drains are gross.

Most bugs enter through cracks , crevices and doors. They end up in bathtubs and kitchen sinks only because they get trapped and can't climb out.

maybe because they smell that disgusting , rotting food that's trapped in your kitchen drain or garbage disposal.

Might make sense to give that a good scrub  and make sure you use some bleach while you're at it.





The whole intention of a refrigerator is to prevent grossness. so why does yours sometimes smell so foul ?

We all let things go and cold temperatures don't actually totally stop the spread of mold , bacteria and the like , they just slow them, since microbes move and reproduce a whole lot slower in the cold.

And, by the way , mold likes to move. So if you have some moldy strawberries in your fridge , there are probably mold spores floating around the air in there , ready to land on whatever else you put in there.

Now you know why plastic wrap is such a good idea.





You need water to live , right? Well , so do bacteria and viruses.

Microbes generally like humid environments. They also tend to like to hide from the deadly UV rays in light. So what stays wet and has lots of little cavities that get nice and shady and dark ?

A single bacteria cell can multiple into an army of a billion overnight , so maybe it's time to buy a new kitchen sponge




What about the infamous toilet seat ? Should you sit on it ? Look , you probably wouldn't want to lick it , but a toilet seat is far from the dirtiest thing out there.

If your immune system is relatively healthy , you probably won't have to worry about any STDs , common colds or hepatitis viruses that may be lurking.

When it comes down to it , your own skin is pretty good at keeping you safe.